Breville Barista Express Rerout OPV water back to tank


When the OPV is changed to a lower max pressure much more water is wasted to the drip tray requiring constant fills. This mod will allow you to re-route the OPV water - which is not hot - back to the water tank.

Tools and materials required

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Water tube - machine uses 9/6mm, I used a smaller one I had around
  • Small wire snips
  • Wire ties

Getting inside your machine

Check Dimmer mod page to know how to open your machine.

Locate the drip tray water collector

Once the machine is open, locate the water collector that sends it from the OPV to the drip tray.

water collector

Snip the wire tie around the larger tube on the collector. Carefully remove the tube from the valve.

Close the collector hole. I used a screw I had around that fit using a screw driver

water collector screw

Connect the existing water tube to another one, or remove it completly and use a new one with at least 50cm. Make sure you use cable ties or other method to avoid water leaks.

water tube

Use the power cable hole to bring the water tube out, close the machine and then put the tube into your water tank.

Exterior Close

Enjoy not having to fill up the tank every 4 shots!