Breville Barista Express Max Shot Time


More recent Barista Express machines (at least 2021+) have a volumetric max shot of around 200 grams of water. So, depending on where your OPV is set to or the grind size you use the max time of a shot can be too low to achieve the desired yield or flow profile. This reversible mod will disable the flow meter allowing you to always have a max shot time of 60 seconds.

Please note that:

  1. This mod will only allow you to pull shot on manual mode as it disables the volumetric reads
  2. Clean function will continue working properly

Tools and materials required

  • Phillips head screwdriver

Getting inside your machine

Check Dimmer mod page to know how to open your machine.

Disable flow meter

Once the machine is open, locate the flow meter on the bottom left corner of your machine.

flow meter

Then, use a flat screwdriver or knife to press the gray connectors of the 4 cables and pull them out.

Voilá! Your shots can now take up to 60s.