Sprobot Guide

The following is a guide to using sprobot, the Espresso Aficionados profile bot

Viewing Profiles

How to view someone’s profile.

Context / Right Click Menus

To access someone’s profile via the context menu:

  1. Right Click on their post or on their name in the User List. Long Press on mobile.
  2. Click on Apps >.
  3. Click on either Get Coffee Setup Profile or Get Roaster Setup Profile.

Context Menu Example Mobile Long Press Mobile Menu


To access someone’s profile via the slash command:

  1. Type /getprofile or /getroaster
  2. To fetch your own profile, leave name blank
  3. If you wish to see someone elses, type in their name
  4. Press Enter

Slash Command Example

Editing Profiles

To edit your profile:

  1. Run /editprofile' or /editroaster`
  2. Fill in the form!

Run Edit Profile

Saving a profile image via Right Click

  1. Post an image, maybe in #setups
  2. Right click on the post (NOT the image itself), or Long Press on mobile
  3. Click on Apps >.
  4. Click on either Save as Coffee Setup Image or Save as Roaster Setup Image.

Save Image Mobile Long Press Mobile Menu

Deleting Profile or Image


  1. Run /deleteprofile or /deleteroaster.
  2. Select whether you want to delete your entire profile, or just the image associated with it.
  3. Confirm

Delete Profile